Hello! My name is Chris

I'm a Software Engineer.

My main language is Java, and I also currently work with:

I have used a variety of technologies with Java EE, deploying to Glassfish and Wildfly application servers, and using JSF and Velocity front ends where legacy applications are concerned.

Away from EJB, I have implemented both Spring Boot and AWS Lambda for APIs. I'm also partial to the odd Spring Boot application, with GUIs implementing Thymeleaf as my front end of choice.

I'm a big believer in Clean Code, and have experience in using GitHub, SonarQube, and Jenkins to help automate quality processes in Code Reviews.
My go-to Testing framework is Spock (with Mockito for Mocking what Spock can't) but I started on a diet of JUnit and JMock.  If value your time, don't get me started on testing :)

As a Developer, I strongly believe that tests are vital part of documentation, and not just something to satisfy a metric. My Integration/Component Testing experience is with Cucumber and Selenium Web Driver, but I've also used Spock with H2 where database implementations need testing in a way that blurs the Unit/Integration boundary.


One of my current projects is Babynames.
I use Talend Open Studio to load annual ONS birth data for England and Wales, PHP to provide the database logic, and D3.js to provide data visualisations.

I also like Vector Graphics and have a good handle on Illustrator. This has led to some logo design and typography, but I also occasionally make vinyl graphics. Some of the fonts I have created are over on DaFont.

If you're interested in Software Development, my blog is also here - but very unfinished!

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